Colored Glasses Project in Belgium, Europe
March 07, 2024 07:00

European Solidarity Corps Volunteer Project: Colored Glasses

You are passionate about shaping the futures of young minds? You thrive in diverse environments and believe in the power of cultural exchange? If so, YFU Belgium-Flanders invites you to explore an exciting opportunity to contribute to YFU's mission.

Your tasks include
Planning of workshops taking place both during and outside of office hours, Participating in Coloured Glasses workshops and documenting the process of facilitation for later evaluation of simulations. Follow-up of workshops and contact with organizations. Optional tasks, these result from a professional work environment and office behavior.

Mechelen, Flanders, Belgium.

Starting September 2024

Who can apply:
Open to individuals aged 18-30 from: EU member states and non-EU participating countries (Iceland, Rep. of North Macedonia, Liechtenstein), EFTA countries, Norway, and neighboring partner countries (such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine...)

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